Let’s Go Gardening! Check out our Garden Club!

Posted by bgcdayton / May 18, 2023

At the Boys & Girls Club of Dayton our members are learning how to take care of our community garden and tower garden.

The garden is a continuation of the Boys and Girls Club of Dayton’s Healthy Lifestyles program, which “emphasizes good nutrition and regular physical activity to improve overall well-being,” says Kristina Gosney, BS, QMHS, Program Director for the Boys & Girls Club of Dayton.

“It is also a great way to let the kids get their hands dirty and get them interested,” Kristina explains.

Our members are excited to have had help from our friends Nick Eddy at United Way of the Greater Dayton Area, and Brunner’s Landscaping. Gardening is a living lesson on science, nature, and helping to beautify our community.

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